[thelist] Testing URL with regular expression

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> Subject: [thelist] Testing URL with regular expression
> Basically,  I want to check the window.location against the 
> href element of
> a link but it's important that it can match if the filename 
> and/or anchors
> are included.  So I've arrived at this expression:
>     urlRegEx = /(index.php)?(#{1}.*)?/;
> And I use this conditional:
>     if (navigationLink.href == window.location + urlRegEx)
> Hopefully this will match all of these eventualities:
>     URL/
>     URL/index.php
>     URL/#anchor
>     URL/index.php#anchor

Good try!  Can't quite do it that way, if you want to match the URL, the URL
must be part of the regex, you cannot append your regex object to a string
like that.  With your href in your regex you probably want to make sure the
dots in your host name aren't treated as special characters by escaping

var urlRegEx = new RegExp("^" + location.href.replace('.','\\.') +
	// valid
	// invalid

... could the slash be absent?  May need tweaking if so :

There's no need to have "{1}" in a regular expression.  You need to use the
"^" and "$" characters to match the entire string, otherwise it would match
any URL with the current location in parameter values and also not be
limited to index.php or anchors, e.g. URL/anything would match.

- LK

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