[thelist] Brain Teaser logic

Brian Delaney brian.delaney at mccmh.net
Thu Oct 13 13:40:26 CDT 2005

This one is for those that have nothing better to do or looking for  


Hiredate - user entered
MidEvalDate - If you are a new hire it is 90 days after Hiredate - could 
be user entered or calculated based on hiredate
FinalEvalDate - 90 days after MidEvalDate -  could be user entered or 
calculated based on Mid Date
AnnualEvalDate - 1 year after FinalEvalDate - always calculated from 
final date
LastEvalDate - date of last known eval  (could be Mid,Final or Annual) - 
always user entered
NextEvalDate - when the next eval is due - always calculated based on 
when the last eval was (midi, final or annual)
DaysEvalLate = # days one of the evals is past due

The catch -
TransferPromoteDate - if a staff is transfered or promoted then their 
probation starts over and the Mid, Final and Annual dates are calculated 
from this date - always user entered.

Another problem -  If you have been promoted or transfered and are a 
clerical person then your mid = 45 days from transpromote date and final 
= 90 days and if you are clinical then your mid = 90 days from 
transpromote date and final 180 days.

I have wrestled with this and maybe one of you guenious have some easy 
Preferred code is ASP or this could written in a SQL Stored Proc.


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