[thelist] OT: Font Recommendation?

Liam Delahunty liam at megaproducts.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 14:26:39 CDT 2005

On 14/10/05, aardvark <evolt at roselli.org> wrote:
> On 13 Oct 2005 at 16:54, Frank wrote:
> http://p22.com/products/london.html
> "The legendary sans serif design developed by Edward Johnston for the
> London Underground system in 1916 is available for the first time as
> a commercial font in an exclusive arrangement with the London
> Transport Museum.

Is that kosher? No mention of it here, on an official LT site:

Nor on the LT museum

In fact on TFL they state, "The use of the TfL owned New Johnston
typeface is via application only. It's use is for approved
applications only and therefore it's distribution and use must be

Plus the fonts called New Johnson and they (p22) don't mention it's
name anywhere.

Lovely font though... Johnson taught Eric Gill I believe.

Kind regards, Liam Delahunty

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