[thelist] ASP.NET Character Encoding

Zeljko Dakic mlist at dakic.com
Fri Oct 14 16:13:40 CDT 2005

I would suspect that this have something with document type. What I 
would try to open in VS.Net and check the properties of page for example 
and see if there is something to set.


Chris at globet.com wrote:

>I have two files, test.asp and test.aspx. The content is as follows:
>	<head>
>		<title>Character Encoding Test</title>
>		<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;" charset="windows-1253" />
>	</head>
>	<body>
>		ÐÑÏÓÏ×Ç: Äåí Ý÷åôå åéóÜãåé ôï E-mail
>	</body>
>The ASP file renders in the browser as the correct Greek characters, but the ASP.NET file renders as incorrect characters. Is this something I can address programatically, rather than changing any .NET configuration files? I have found quite a bit of information about .NET and character encoding, but most of it is going over my head at the moment.

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