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Sales @ Lycosa sales at lycosa.co.uk
Sun Oct 16 07:48:37 CDT 2005

I run seo and web promotion for my clients, but one client is fearful of
running a linking strategy. The site in question is

They are worried about linking to related sites because the security
industry is very cut throat, and comparable companies will sell related
products they don't usually stock. For example, a CCTV firm might source
bollards for their client, rather than sell them the CCTV system only,
with a recommendation of where to get the bollards.

I advised them that this would really only work face to face or over the
phone, as web visitors will simply go elsewhere if they don't find what
they are looking for.

I want to implement a linking strategy for my customer because their
search engine rankings have plummeted over the past year. Not that
reciprocal linking is necessarily the most important factor, but I feel
that their site is a bit isolated.

Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated.


Phil Parker

Lycosa Web Services Ltd
sales at lycosa.co.uk

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