[thelist] Right click in firefox

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Sun Oct 30 23:12:38 CST 2005

Hello list,
I'm looking for a way to consistently disable the right click in Firefox.
Now before I get a slew of responses asking why or pointing out how 'bad' it
is, here is the reason why:
We have a for fee private application that uses the browser for the UI.
Currently the application only supports IE on the PC, but we would like to
extend the support to Firefox. As stated, it is an application and is not a
public web site. Additionally, our users expect the right click to behave as
if it where a desktop application; i.e. a contextual application specific
menu. It is not an attempt to 'prevent' users from stealing images or source
code as what protections are afforded us come from the licensing agreement.
I have done my share of research on google for this, and have come across a
lot of info on how to prevent disabling of the right click in Firefox, or
why it is 'bad' to disable the right click, but not how to do it. So, while
I wholly support the debate over the detriments or merits of disabling right
click on a public site, please do not make this post into one of those
Thanks in advance,
Robert Vreeland

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