[thelist] xml is good for...?

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Mon Nov 21 10:36:40 CST 2005

At 19:14 26/10/2005, Luther, Ron wrote:

>Where does the XML provide added value?  Where is the 'coolness' here
>that is specific to XML?  That's what I guess I'm not getting.

   This is possibly my most belated reply in a long time, but it's in an 
area that I've been working on lately.

   We have a number of systems in my workplace that need different "skins" 
in different places. This can theoretically be done with HTML and CSS, of 
course, but getting the developers to produce HTML output from the backend 
that I don't have to mess with as I write the CSS borders on impossible.

   It's far, far easier to get them to write XML, and apply XSL to it to do 
whatever I want.

   In essence, the separation between content and presentation is extremely 
clear in XML/XSL, in a way that you can't get in anything else that I've seen.


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