[thelist] XML and DTD Questions

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Nov 22 07:12:25 CST 2005

Anyone know of a good forum or list for XML and DTD and related 
technologies? I am plunging now into writing DTD extensions and I have a 
few questions.

In the event anyone here can answer, here is one question: I am working 
with an existing DTD (from MISMO[1]) and we need to extend that. The 
best solution seems to be to have the XML refer to both the standard 
MISMO DTD and also a 'secondary' DTD that I will define. In my DTD my 
understanding is that I can add attributes to existing elements (that 
MISMO defined) but I can not add a sub-element to an existing element 
which was defined in the MISMO DTD.

Is that correct?


[1] http://www.mismo.org/default.html

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