[thelist] Classic ASP: Someone else's code

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Tue Nov 22 12:25:27 CST 2005

They are testing for empty or non-existing values, in english:
You could rewirte it like so:
cFirst = ""
cFirst = cFirst & trim(Contact_First_x)
cLast = ""
cLast = cLast & trim(Contact_Last_x)
If NOT cFirst = "" AND NOT cLast = "" Then
	'do some stuff here
	'either first name or last name was empty
	'do something else
End If

Hope this helps

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What exactly is going on here:

if trim(Contact_First_x) & "" <> "" AND trim(Contact_Last_x) & "" <> "" then

In case it's not clear in the email:  "" <> ""  which is: double-quote
double-quote <> double-quote double-quote

I'm not at all understanding the logic of this statement.... anyone?



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