[thelist] Mambo - Joomla!

Eike Pierstorff eikes.lists at dynamique.de
Tue Nov 22 19:01:29 CST 2005

Norman Bunn schrieb:
> Guess I have been out of the loop on open source CMS development and 
> didn't realize that Mambo now has a close relative Joomla.  Does anyone 
> have experience here in both and can you provide some insight into which 
> might be best for developing a portal for a town of 10,000 or is there a 
> better alternative?

Hello Norman,

at the moment there is not much difference between Mambo and Joomla. 
Joomla has fewer bugs, better community support and all of the former 
Mambo Core Development Team now work on Joomla. I guess there is a new 
development team for Mambo but I couldn't really say.

Joomla is a good System if you have a lot of articles that are updated 
mostly by a single person. It is also a good development platform for 
simple web applications of the CRUD variety. It is extremly simple to 
setup and use and has a variety of good components/extensions (but 
unfortunately a lot of really badly written components, too). I guess 
Mambo/Joomla are mainly used by non-developers who are looking for an 
easy start into content management.

However both Mambo and Joomla are lacking in web standards support, 
internationalization, flexible user management and SEO. The Joomla 
developers are working to resolve these issues but it will take months 
at least (or years).

I use Joomla a lot because many of my clients like the simple admin GUI 
and because it's easy to develop custom components. But at the moment I 
would recommend that you look into other systems like Drupal, especially 
if you want do to standards compliant / tableless layouts.

-- eike

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