[thelist] ASP error logging script

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Nov 22 19:22:53 CST 2005


You are correct in your assessment. I generally would use a try/catch to
attempt to write to the database (and send an email/page giving an admin
notification). However lack of DB connectivity might be what's causing the
initial exception, so I would write to a text file (or standalone Access DB)
in the 'catch' part of the try/catch construct.


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ASP error logging scripts: everything I have found so far either writes to
database or sends an email, which seems odd as either of these could be the
cause of an error.

Wouldn't it be best to write to a cycled log file.  I would have thought a
Google search result set be teeming with such scripts. 

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