[thelist] Mambo - Joomla!

Lauri Väin lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Wed Nov 23 07:18:01 CST 2005


I would shy away from Mambo (do not know whether Joomla is better). We even 
hired one original author of it for some work for us on it.

There are two kinds of problems that it has:
1. Technical:
 - No proper localization support (like Eike said)
 - The guy working on it said Mambo has inbuilt tables, so he could not 
migrate it to a CSS layout
 - Poor code
 - Security problems (has needed patching). Lots of things are against best 

2. Performance (on very high load servers). It dies frequently. We have made 
some heavy caching and other modifications now. For your application, 
though, you will not have problems with this.

I do not know anything about its features and usability, so take Eikes word 
on that.

On the upside, lots of people seem to be using it and it is easy to do so... 
I think on my personal server, Plesk can automatically set it up (a 
single-click installable module).

But I would definetly not use Mambo. If Joomla is better, use that. But if 
you also fancy some other package over Mambo, grab that one.


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