[thelist] Hosting at Home

Zeljko Dakic mlist at dakic.com
Wed Nov 23 10:49:16 CST 2005

On the contrary my friend, I think you should have you website at home. 
I love shared hosting and it is fine but there are advantages for home 
server as well. Instead of trying to guess what you want and how you 
want it setup here is my setup.

First I have dynamic dns and use no-ip.net for managing domains, it's 
been a while and everything works great. I have a router with firewall 
(I am sure you do as well) and have it setup to open port 80 for 
webserver. Now webserver is a used machine I bought for $60 on 
craiglist, installed fedora3 and now 4 and everythings works great, it 
is not that big hassle to setup, although even for native linux apps, 
they are more demanding to setup and will take you more time on linux 
than in windows. If we had not have a power loss during storm two months 
ago, this server would have impressive uptime by now.

I would advise you if you can, to use separate machine and install 
linux, it is a lot of fun and helps with a security. And you can have 
XAMP there as well.

Zeljko Dakic

Hershel Robinson wrote:

>I have a fixed IP and I have a (I think) good router with a firewall. 
>It's a Netopia Model 3387W-ENT [1]. I run Apache on a Windows box for 
>local testing and so I know it a bit. I am in a wild and crazy mood and 
>I am considering the possibility of setting up a xAMP server in my house 
>and putting there a website.
>I might build a Linux box or I might use my existing Windows server. I 
>know little about Linux put I understand that to build a simple LAMP 
>server can be fairly easy these days.

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