[thelist] what IS a webmaster??

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 23 10:06:05 CST 2005

Bill asked:

>>Can some of you share with me what your idea of what a 'webmaster' is?

Hi Bill,

I see you've gotten a few good replies already.

I just wanted to note that your question reminded me that there 
actually _was_ a US government effort a few years ago, (possibly 
sponsored by the US Dept of Labor?), to come up with definitions and 
requirements for certification for things like 'webmaster', 'network 
administrator', 'dba', etc.

[The general idea was to mimic the European system of creating well 
defined job classifications and certification criterion - which would 
benefit job seekers as well as employers.]

A number of one or two day data gathering sessions were held at various 
locations around the US to pick the brains of "experts" in the field. 

There being, apparently, a shortage of 'knowledgeable experts' ... 
I was also flown up to participate in the Dallas session held at the 
EDS campus.

IIRC I twisted a few arms and managed to get one or two other evolters 
to participate in similar sessions held in their areas. 

<shrug /> It seemed like a worthwhile project at the time and I wanted 
to make sure the evolt voice was heard.

Anyway, I suspect their funding ran out because I don't recall hearing
if the project ever completed or produced anything of value.  If I find
my notes from the sessions I'll post them somewhere.



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