[thelist] Keylogging and pin entry fields (and an attempt at a clean solution)

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Thu Nov 24 05:48:58 CST 2005

On 11/23/05 5:38 PM, "Brian Cummiskey" <Brian at hondaswap.com> wrote:

>> http://www.icant.co.uk/sandbox/pinpad/test.html
> Well, this is strange...
> I disabled JS with the firefox webdev toolbar, and it still worked!

Just a heads up:
It does not work with JavaScript disabled.  The FF webdev toolbar disables
JS, but not until after you refresh the current page.  So, if you select
Disable<Javascript in the toolbar, and then refresh the page, you will not
see the "open pin pad" text.  Also, if you disable JS before visiting the
page, you will only see the text field.

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