[thelist] Verisign's 128 bit SSL Certs $995?

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Fri Nov 25 10:46:25 CST 2005

We have been using www.instantssl.com for our certificates, with good

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> Can anyone with expertise on SSL comment on Verisign's
> $995 price tag as compared to many many other companies
> that offer certs for $89-$130?  
> I read Verisign's explanation which I've pasted below.
> "A lot of companies advertise 128-bit certificates, but
> they don't have SGC. 
> What is the difference between VeriSign's SSL
> Certificates and those of other providers? 
> Non-SGC SSL Certificates provide a minimum of 40-bit and
> typically up to 128-bit SSL encryption. Site visitors
> using certain older browsers and many Windows 2000
> systems using Internet Explorer users will only receive
> 40- or 56-bit encryption unless they're connecting to an
> SGC-enabled SSL Certificate. Other SSL providers claim to
> offer "128-bit certificates," but they do not offer
> 128-bit SSL encryption to the most possible site
> visitors. VeriSign (including its subsidiaries,
> affiliates, and resellers) is the only leading SSL
> provider with SGC-enabled SSL Certificates, which provide
> 128- or 256-bit encryption to over 99.9% of Web site
> visitors. (SGC: Strongest SSL Encryption.)"           
> Has anyone had experiences where Verisign's technology
> has proven to be the better bet and worth the extra $865? 
> I'm doing my due diligence to make sure that I offer my
> small business clients the best advice. 
> Many thanks,
> Maisha

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