[thelist] image and text vertical alignment in table cell

pandy pandion at gmx.net
Sat Nov 26 20:25:04 CST 2005

Joel D Canfield wrote:
>Yeah, I'm using tables. I'm working on it.
>http://IntranetIntelligence.com/ - upper left corner - in IE and Opera,
>the text vertical aligns to the middle, centered vertically with the
>image. In Firefox and Netscape, it's dropped to the absolute bottom of
>the cell, touching the edge.
>I can't see why. Nothing I do to the cell or image alignment makes any

Sorry if this is already solved. It has been some days since you posted, 
but I didn't see any replies on the list and I can see the problem at the site.

Anyway, I believe it's the top margin on p.name2 that's leaking upwards.
.name1, .name2   { margin: 0 }
takes care of all margins involved.

Collapsing of horizontal margins makes them sometimes manifest themselves 
where you don't expect.


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