[thelist] crystal reports page seperator question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 28 08:55:19 CST 2005

Judah McAuley asked:

>>I need to insert a separator/banner page between sets of labels 
>>in the same report/print job, 

>>it has to be a full page of completely different appearance.


Hi Judah!

Hmmmm.  (Disclaimer - I haven't used Crystal in 6 years or so.)

Here's an idea that might be worth trying:

If you can, try turning the report into a 'break' report. (Hopefully 
you have a variable you can use for a 'group by' to separate the sets 
of labels.)

What that *should* do is create some additional report banner sections 
for you to play with. (In addition to 'page header' and 'page footer', 
you should now have 'group header' and 'group footer' sections magically

appear as available for you to insert information into.)

I don't remember if you can stretch a 'group footer' to be full page,
I think this is the technique you need to get the separator between the 
'groups' of labels.  [Maybe you can embed some special 'form feed' 
characters to kick the 'group footer' out as a page by itself?  If not, 
then you may need to 'doink' with the data and add in some count of
labels to each group to paginate nicely and force the group footer to 
a clean page ... which probably wouldn't be a lot of fun. (You might be 
able to use a hidden variable to set these dummy labels to "white" ink 
so they look 'blank' when you print - if things need to look purty.)]

Good Luck & HTH,


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