[thelist] MySQL date format

Symeon Charalabides symeon at systasis.com
Mon Nov 28 14:30:13 CST 2005

> > True, this is what I ended up doing. I was wondering if it was possible to bring
> > up such a string (or some variation thereof) with a simple SELECT, as it's
> > faster than digging up the conventional date, then formatting it with PHP. As it
> > turns out this isn't possible as the SELECT needed is so complex that PHP
> > probably does it faster. 
> Not necessarily, but you never answered the question -- what do
> you expect the output for e.g. '2005-11-30' to look like?

I didn't, apologies. Actually, I hadn't thought about it. The way I have it set 
up now, the output will be

Wednesday 30 - Thursday 1 December 2005

which is far from perfect. So, 2 more lines of code will be required to fix that. 
Trivial, of course, but thanks for the insight.

Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)

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