[thelist] MSSQL: adding integer to time yields date?

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Mon Nov 28 15:44:57 CST 2005

> It seems that the VBScript engine assumes 12/31/1899 when a 
> date value is
> only has the time portion defined.  So, when you then display 
> a date, the
> date is converted back to a string... if the time is 
> midnight, it presumes
> you want to see the date (12/31/1899), otherwise it displays 
> the time.  Or
> so it seems.  :-)

Understood. Useful and interesting research. Matches my own fooling
around after RonL's prompting.

But, I still have my original question: how does one add four hours to
eight in the evening, using values from a MSSQL table and VBScript?

Thanks all for the interesing feedback.


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