[thelist] SEO for small customer base...

Plancke Marc tra4web at mail2Europe.com
Tue Nov 29 13:40:57 CST 2005

em.Prof.Dr.Marc Plancke onderwees Arabisch en Islamkunde aan de
(Rijks)universiteit Gent (BE). Hij schrijft nu artikels over
e-marketing. Hij spant zich tevens in om zijn oudstudenten interessant
werk te bezorgen. Daarom lanceert hij per 1 december 2005 de
tweewekelijkse (offline) nieuwsbrief TraWant! (TranslatorsWanted!) die
freelance vertaaljobs bevat. Sponsoring van één of meer nummers is
voorbehouden aan Vlaamse exportbedrijven! Vraag meer info per postkaart
of FAX aan: em.Prof.Dr.Marc Plancke, Praca da Estacao, 11, PT-4435 RIO
TINTO (Porto) Portugal. FAX +351-224-899-831
N.B. Dit is het adres van een papierhandel...Waarom? Ik zal U de reden
geven in mijn antwoord op Uw bericht!

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>From: Chris Price
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>Subject: Re: [thelist] SEO for small customer base
>I have a customer who sources and supplies parts to the rail industry
>light and heavy - specifically overhead lines - worldwide.
Hi Chris,

There are several aspects to consider, i.e. do Y o u want 
1) additional infosources
2) are You interested in marketing such products?

For 1) in my humble opinion You should ask the Commercial Attaches of
represented in Your country to help You. They're p a i d to help. Once
You have a contact
they usually will even endorse Your communication with these firms. Do,
however, n o t use e-Mail,
but Fax...

For 2) here's a Marketer who has a f r e e marketing CD he himself sends
to high-tech companies on
Your behalf:

Hope that helps!

Kind regards,

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