[thelist] javascript dynamic loop

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Tue Nov 29 17:13:24 CST 2005

I wrote a simple (well, i thought it was :P) function for a simple 
data-entry check on a form.

On the previous page, there is a drop down with 0-5 in it, to select how 
many children one has.

On this page, i ask for the ages of the children, displaying a box for 
each child until the count is up.

I want to make sure that an age is entered for each child.

function validate2()
	var theform = document.getElementById("frmdefault");

	var numkids = 0; // initiallize the variable
	numkids = 3;  // this is ASP derrived from the POST data

	for (j=1; j=numkids; j++)
		age = eval("childage_"+j);
		kidage = theform.age.value;

		if (kidage == "")
			alert("Please enter the age of child "+j);
			return false;

The problem is that no matter how many children i select, the last one 
will always come up undefined.  In this example, i selected 3 kids.

Error: childage_3 is not defined
Source File: /order_kids.asp?act=kids

Any ideas why the last one is always undefined?

My form is built via an asp loop which i write out later in the source:

for i = 1 to numkids 	
	mytable = mytable & "Child "& i &" Age:&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=""text"" 
name=""childage_"& i &""" size=""5"" maxlength=""3"" /><br />" & VbCrLf

All of these elements populate correctly, and the "last" one is always a 
valid input name

Thanks in advance.


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