[thelist] MSSQL: adding integer to time yields date?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
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:> So, it appears that if your time addition results in a 
:> time that's exactly
:> midnight, the 00:00 gets dropped (resulting in a date only).
:> But if your time
:> addition results in any time other than midnight, the time 
:> portion is present.
:Yup, I could duplicate that. Problem is, most of my clients are bands,
:and most of their gigs end at midnight. So, while in many cases this
:would be a minor inconvenience, in this case, it's a major flaw.
:So, here's the real solution
:We'll just use two smalldatetime fields,
:StartTime and EndTime, which I've already seen 
:will display as I want. (Datetime includes seconds and 
:partial seconds, resulting in a display
:like '8:00:00 PM' whereas smalldatetime 
:uses only minutes, displaying
:'8:00PM' as I want.)

In addition, if you need to force a particular display of a date/time, I have
a small function on my website:
that gives you flexibility in formatting dates and times. You just supply a
valid date and/or time and a template indicating how you want it displayed,
and it'll spit out a string in that format


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