[thelist] JavaScript: style.display

Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Wed Nov 30 00:32:54 CST 2005

Thanks in advance for your help.  Here's what we're trying to do:

In a parent window the user is presented large amounts of data.  In fact 
it's so much data that not all of it is visible at once, and to see pieces 
of it at a time he must click on a various toggle switches.  These switches 
are an <a href javascript...> link which simply makes a <tr> visible or not 

When one of the <tr>'s is visible, he is given a link which may be used to 
update the data in that particular section. Clicking on the link opens a 
new, small window.  When he clicks on "Save" a series of events happen:

1) The new data is saved.  No problem.
2) The current, small window is closed.  No problem.
3) The parent window is refreshed.  No problem.
4) The <tr> that was visible before the refresh must also be visible after. 

>From the new, small window, here's how I'm trying to do it:

<script language="JavaScript">
   opener.document.getElementById('contact_location').style.display = 

Again, everything works fine except for making 'contact_location' visible 
again.  Any hints?



P.S. The app is classic ASP, but I think that won't matter as this is all a 
clientside issue.

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