[thelist] CSS: 3 column layout with footer

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 08:00:41 CST 2005

ben morrison wrote:

> You will need to use a FLOAT layout instead, there are many variations
> around, but the best place to start is the CSS-discuss WIKI:

Absolutely seconded. I am a big convert to floats, now that the issues 
surrounding their successful use are better understood.

Specifically, look at http://realworldstyle.com/nn4_3col_header.html in 
particular, and read http://positioniseverything.net to help overcome 
any bugs you may find, in addition to the excellent overall resource Ben 

Also Dan Cederholm has some sensible recommendations in Bulletproof Web 
Design, which as a reference for web design in 2005 I cannot recommend 
highly enough.

Specifically, if you're working with liquid designs using Floats you 
will inevitably hit problems trying to reconcile padding and margin 
widths with the overall percentage widths for the main columns. Dan 
recommends an inner DIV to which the padding or margin is applied, 
coincidentally avoiding box model hacks. Less pleasing from a structural 
perspective, but a great way to actually *get some work done*!

Using IE conditional comments seems to be a likely candidate for best 
practice, looking forward.




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