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Wed Nov 30 12:20:45 CST 2005

> This will be an html email of course. I understand it is not good to use
CSS >as well with newsletters. Can this be verified.

CSS can be used in html emails to some extent, just try to keep it simple
so that it degrades nicely for email applications that do not support CSS
very well.

Know Your Tools:
I recently ran into a problem where I had do develop an html email that
was to be sent out as a mass email (10,000+ subscribers) using Microsoft's
CRM.  It was too late when I discovered that the particular version of CRM
(or all versions for that matter?) did not support CSS at all.  CRM
removed all CSS, even inline CSS.  I believe the CRM user made an error
(out of my control) or didn’t know how to properly work in CRM;  just be
sure to plan ahead for such things.

Good CSS/HTML Reading:
CSS-Discuss Wiki:

ALA Article:

Campaign Monitor Article:

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