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> A certain site owns a dozen alternative names. What they want is that
> when a user enters an alternativename.com it will change in his
> to be TheRealName.com and of course he's then at the real site.
> The host says these domains have our name servers in place and point
> our network and indeed they all work, they just don't change in the

Don't know which Control Panel the host has you using, in Cpanel it has
"Parked Domains" and "Addon Domains". The Addon type allows you to set
up separate email accounts for them but you don't get the browser
switching the name to the primary domain. Both types will use the same
html files as the pointed to domain.

You could just use a regular old htaccess though if he wants the browser
address to change. You can set up an account for the domain, and all it
has in public_html is the htaccess file with a Redirect permanent /
http://www.newsite.com/ line in it.



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