[thelist] Video streaming in FireFox (Mozilla) problem

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Thu Dec 1 13:51:31 CST 2005

Kirill Voronin wrote:
> I am working on a media player which is expected to play media streams. It
> works in IE with the help of  “<OBJECT> … </OBJECT>”. But it won’t work in
> FF (Mozilla). I have already tried the following: “<EMBED> … </EMBED>”,
> “<OBJECT> … </OBJECT>”, but that didn’t help. I have also downloaded ActiveX
> plugin for FF, but it won’t work, too. 

I'm assuming that "working on a media player" means that you're creating 
parallel ActiveX and Netscape Plugin wrappers for your own video engine, 
rather than trying to use the engine someone else created. That last 
line, however, makes me unsure

If you're trying to write your own engine and its HTML, then the usual 
structure to work with browsers is a nested [OBJECT] [EMBED] [/EMBED] 
[/OBJECT] structure -- web searches on "object/embed" pull up examples.

(Recently some have tested how various current browsers invoke Netscape 
Plugins from just an OBJECT tag, mainly to make the W3C Validation 
routines happy, and the various browsers have gradually been converging 
here, but it's a slow process, and most of these tests are only for 
basic visibility -- some browsers don't allow plugin content to stream 
with only an OBJECT tag, as you've found. I haven't seen any 
comprehensive listing of current browser abilities with only-OBJECT yet.)

But if you're just *using* someone else's existing video engine, then 
check their docs for the markup they recommend -- it should be some 
variant of the OBJECT/EMBED scheme. If your markup matches, then you'd 
look next to the server or cache or firewalls for streaming stickups. 
But... hold it! your last line mentions "ActiveX plugin for FF", but 
what would such a thing like that actually be...!?


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