[thelist] How to control the look of anchors with disabled=disabled attribute?

Mark Marlow mark at testwiz.com
Thu Dec 1 17:13:36 CST 2005

Hi All,


I am using ASP.Net Webcontrol to emit some HTML. The control is either a
HyperLink or LinkButton.  When I disable the control (by setting the
controlls Enabled property) the following example HTML is emitted:

<a id="MainNavBar1_mnuUserReports3" disabled="disabled"  class="navbigger
yel bold">Reports</a>


IE shows the Reports as a greyed out link.  I would like some control over
the color, size, font.  No matter what style I give it, it seems to always
show up in IE as greyed out.   FireFox does honor stylesheet class
declarations.  So. how do I set the look of  anchors that have
"disabled=disabled" attribute?


- Mark

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