[thelist] Google results report way over the number of indexed results

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Fri Dec 2 04:20:33 CST 2005

OK, but there are only 1000 pages, not 10,000. so it seems odd.

If nobody else has a similar expereince I'll have to think it's 
site-specific, and then I'll be asked to fix it :)

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From: "Pieter Roosens" <pieter at roosensdesign.com>

>I think this is because Google shows only the two most relevant pages
> of websites in the results.
> So the number on top is the total of pages.
> Pieter
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> http://www.roosensdesign.com
> Op 1-dec-05, om 19:27 heeft Chris Hayes het volgende geschreven:
>> anybody noticed Google reporting up to 10 times the number of
>> results it
>> actually has indexed?
>> ie search all pages on your domain of 1000 pages, Google says 1 of
>> 10,000
>> results, but only goes up to 1000 when you hunt through the results.

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