[thelist] Google results report way over the number of indexedresults

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Fri Dec 2 06:11:06 CST 2005

No, really.. 1000

Google actually only listed the homepage on the first search, with a link to
reveal the omitted results.  It reports 10,700 but going through all the
results pages, it stops at result 996.

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From: "Pieter Roosens" <pieter at roosensdesign.com>

> But there *are* 10,000 pages.
> At some results is says "more results from ...site xxx.." and under
> that link you can find the other pages from the same site. That makes
> the other 9,000 results. So the total is 10,000 but you see 1,000
> unless you click on the "more" links.

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