[thelist] Turning Win XP Home into Apache Web Server

Jeff Wilhelm thelist at summit7solutions.com
Fri Dec 2 09:56:50 CST 2005

Make sure port 80 on your firewall is forwarded to you internal IP as well;
just opening it on the firewall and on your PC isn't enough.

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> [snip]
> 1. Do you have a permanent IP address?
> 2. Do you have the DNS set up?
> 3. Do you use a firewall? If so, is port 80 open?
> - assigned from ISP
> - internal address
> port 80 is open - just went to the advanced settings in
> my firewall and opened up port 80. [/snip]
> 1. Can you access the server locally?
> 2. Have you set up a phpinfo() page to see if PHP is
> running? 
> 3. If PHP is running have you properly configured
> phpMyAdmin to see if it connects to MySQL? 
> 3. Can you get to MySQL using the tools provided with the
> installation? 
> If you can access the server locally can you access it
> across a network on your side of the firewall? Someone
> mentioned that ISP's block port 80, have you checked with
> concerning rules about this?   

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