[thelist] trying to remove default charset from mysql dump

James Hardy list.weeble at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:40:14 CST 2005

On 02/12/05, Sarah Adams <mrsanders at designshift.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to copy the database from my client's server to my
> development machine. But when I run mysqldump, the CREATE TABLE
> statements come out like this:
>    CREATE TABLE Users(
>      ...
> I get the following error when I try to import the data into my
> development database:
>    ERROR 1064 at line 12: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check
>    the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
>    syntax to use near 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1' at line 10
> I could edit the text file to manually remove all instances of this, but
> the database is huge, and trying to open the dump file in my text editor
> just causes the text editor to freeze. Any suggestions as to how to run
> the dump without getting "DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1" in the output?
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I had this exact problem, I was using MySQL Administrator 1.0.20 on
the original machine and MySQL Administrator 1.0.19 on the destination
machine. (Yes I know if I was a REAL programmer I would be using
something a little more hardcore, but hey, I'm lazy)

I thought that it wouldn't make a difference being only a minor point
difference, but it seems that it did.

Once I had upgraded the destination it worked ok. So I guess it is a
difference in the clients between the machines, or possibly server

You could always open the SQL in a text editor and do a search and
replace, or a regex if it going to get more complicated.

James Hardy
James Hardy

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