[thelist] A Little Query Question

Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Fri Dec 2 16:27:51 CST 2005

Okay - I think my question was not too clear.  I'm doing a paging thing 
where each page only shows 15 results.  Then the user can select to see the 
next 15, then the next, etc.

So, on the initial page load, we can just select the top 15.  No prob. 
Then, if the user wants to see page 2, we need to select items 16 - 30.

I found this with google:   TOP n [ START AT m ]

but I'm not getting it to work.  Hope all this makes sense.  Thanks!


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> If you wanted to return the top 15 rows from a table, you could say 
> TOP 15 FROM table WHERE..."
> How would you word the query if you wanted rows 16 to 30?
> (asp.net with MS SQL)
> Thanks Tim!!!
> Casey
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