[thelist] CSS and DTD in select menu

super super supercop at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 2 20:14:37 CST 2005

Hi Erik,

Thanks, you are right, it worked after adding the px in my style.

I used both FF and IE, they must ignore the style if there is no unit set.



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What browser are you looking at it in?

Initially, I'd try specifying units - style="width:296px"

On Friday, December 2, 2005, at 02:03 PM, super super wrote:
> I used to control the width of the pull down menu by putting the
> inline CSS as below,
> <select name="option1" style="width: 295;">
> however after I added the DTD 4.01 Transitional, the style is gone,
> any body know whats wrong???

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