[thelist] Registrar recommendations

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Sat Dec 3 16:49:19 CST 2005

I'm looking to cancel my current 1&1 hosting contract and start
self-hosting my domains. I currently own ballsome.com and ballsome.org,
both as free domains on my 1&1 package, so I'll need to transfer them to
some other registrar.

I'm looking for something cheap that gives me a good degree of control
over the domain. I'm familiar with GoDaddy, I like their prices, and I
like that they give me control over my DNS records and such, but at
times their site is hard to use and they seem to want to sell me loads
of other stuff.

Also, because I'll be self-hosting on a normal home broadband account,
I'll be using dyndns or something similar. Yeah, I know, but I don't
expect much traffic at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations besides GoDaddy?

Joel Konkle-Parker

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