[thelist] how to cover addressbar/toolbars of IE/Fx?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Sun Dec 4 04:28:58 CST 2005

Hello? Long time ago I read about that fishers use a special technique
that can cover up addressbar of IE and show something different to hide
the truth that the visitor is not visiting the site they think they are

I never seen such design actually (meaning fishers did effeciently find
me) and I am not interested in fishing others. However today when I
design my webapp and used up my real estate and I come with an idea that
cerain temperory message if they could grow out of regular part of
browser then it really solves my problem, exactly the technique fishers
used. However I tried to place a <div> with relative position and adjust
z-index: no way, they are always in regular browser area.

Two questions:
1) is this techique still avaiable? (or IE/Fx shut down them for
2) where can I find instructions on how to use this technique?

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