[thelist] Adding site to DMOZ

Jon Haworth jon at clarity-computing.com
Mon Dec 5 10:40:10 CST 2005


> I have a site to add to DMOZ but I am confused to where I 
> should submit the site to. The site is of a 3d ultrasound franchise 
> and there are locations throughout Canada. I don't know if I am 
> allowed to add each province separately to the regional listings 
> or if I am only allowed to add the main domain.

Probably best to avoid multiple submissions of very similar sites, otherwise you might look a bit spammy.

Presumably there are links from the top-level index page to each of the provincial franchises? If so, I'd add the main domain to a suitable category in this section:

You might want to put a note in the description saying "locations throughout Canada", or something like that.


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