[thelist] Adding site to DMOZ

April april at farstrider.org
Mon Dec 5 12:49:50 CST 2005

The sites are added by volunteers and volunteers concentrate on their 
area of interest.  There are pockets of dmoz that are very well 
attended, because it's a really interesting subject (to someone) and 
there are a few volunteers specializing in that.  Of course, there are 
also categories with sites that were submitted 5 years ago.  Perhaps the 
best dmoz advice is not to count on ever getting reviewed, and being 
pleasantly surprised when you are.

Webie Design wrote:
> I just started lurking here recently, but had to jump in on this thread.
> I submitted both of the sites in my signature line a few weeks back to
> Dmoz. sw-wa.com was added a week or so ago- so they are adding sites.
> --
> Mary
> www.webie-design.com
> www.sw-wa.com - Free web site directory for SW Washington.

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