[thelist] helpful responses (was RE: asp.net: A better way to post back from text)

Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Mon Dec 5 14:25:32 CST 2005

> I'm so sorry that I have offended you Casey. It was not clear from your
> orginal e-mail that the e-mail to the list was your last ditch effort. The
> only way to make the linkButton appear as 'plain old text' is with the use
> of CSS. Other than that, the ASP.net methodolgy for post back is fairly
> rigid. You could utilize JavaScript's submit event
> <a href="javascript:document.MyForm.submit();">
> Click to submit the form
> </a>

All is forgiven.

I think Joel hit it on the head -- sometimes I really struggle to know how 
to compose questions I send to this list, and that is no doubt a big part of 
the problem.

In this case, all three of the posts I made this morning all stem from the 
exact same problem.  Before the first post, I composed a very long email 
that outlined the problem in great detail.  Then I thought "Good grief!  Who 
is going to take the time to read all of that?" So I did a Ctrl-A, Delete, 
and then just asked the simplest question, which was really at the core of 
what I wanted to know.

That is *often* how I post to this list: I try hard to keep the question as 
plain and scaled down as possible so as not to cause everyone undue reading 
time.  The result is that I often get variations of "Need more info" or 
"That's so simply why can't you look it up yourself?"  or "Why are you doing 
it that way, you should do it this way instead."  All too often these 
responses are laced with thinly veiled sarcasm or condescension.

So, maybe I need to err on the side of too much info instead.  With that in 
mind I will re-post my last email with all the detail I should have included 
earlier, then perhaps it will be clear that I didn't just fire off an email 
to this list in a whim w/o making any effort to locate the answer on my own 



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