[thelist] Simple Product Display Tool Needed

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 14:25:28 CST 2005

Norman Bunn asked:

>>I have a client that is breeding dogs and wants a web site 
>>to display what he has along with a price and description.  
>>Any recommendations on an easy to administer display engine.  

Hi Norman,

I was gonna suggest setting up a simple table structure, an 'add', 
'modify', 'delete' page for admin tasks and a simple loop to eof 
for display in your server language du jour ... but I hit 'send' 
inadvertantly so I guess I can't suggest that.

How 'bout going old skool and setting up a very simple page looping 
through the ASP Content Rotator Component and teaching them how to 
modify templates for that?  

Sounds like it might fit the bill pretty nicely.



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