[thelist] Adsense pay?

Aron Lurie alurie at hebrewcollege.edu
Mon Dec 5 18:13:11 CST 2005

Hey thelist,
Just wondering: I'm thinking about signing up for google's adsense for my site, and I thought that some of you might already use it, and be able to answer my questions:
1) What type of ad do you use (width x height)
2) how much would you estimate you earn per "1000 impressions" or click. 
3) how often do you reach the 50$ payout mark?
4) how many visitors/hits do you get in one month ?
its okay if you can only answer one or two, any input is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Aron Lurie 
alurie at hebrewcollege.edu

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