[thelist] IE variable passing + anchor problem

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Wed Dec 7 09:47:03 CST 2005

Bernardo Escalona-Espinosa wrote:
> Suppose I want to send a variable through the url to the next page,
> but also go to a specific section of that page. Then the link looks
> like this:
> href="page.php?variable=123#section"
> It works wonderfully on firefox but not on IE. The variable is passed
> fine, but the anchor is not.

> http://bernsonline.com/img_photos/2005_11_hamburg/slideshow.php?img=1#top

Your page does indeed show a problem with IE not going where the anchor 
points to. Most likely a bug in IE indeed, but also most likely completely 
unrelated to sending variables through the GET method.

I have several web-apps in daily use that use the method you describe 
(sending both a variable or several through GET and using an anchor with #) 
that work perfectly well in IE.

I think there is something else on the page the makes IE go wacky.

A simple test to show that it indeed works in IE:



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