[thelist] Document.Load timout ??

Manektala, Udit Udit.Manektala at pioneer.com
Wed Dec 7 09:52:29 CST 2005

I'm facing a problem with loading an XML into a Document Object by
passing it a URL. Like this:
xmlDoc.async = false
xmlDoc.Load("http://server/servlet?validate=EST&xml=" & sXML)

The problem is that the URL is for a Java Servlet that takes a while to
serve up the XML ( abt 1 min. 30 seconds for a 60 node XML) and Im
guessing that the xmlDoc.Load(URL) function is kindof timing out ( in
abt. 10-12 seconds) but the error I get on screen when I display the
xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode is "An error occurred during validation.
ErrorCode: -2147012894". I know that it could be because of a timout
because I also write the XML from the Servlet in the Application Server
Log and that doesn't show up until abt 1 min 30 seconds after the
request was created but the Application has already errored out by then.
Im calling the xmlDoc.Load from an ASP page.
Now my question
How do I avoid this timeout problem? 
Is there a way to set a timeout period to make it wait a little longer? 
I don't think it has much to do with the HTTP timeout period, right ?
IS there a way around loading the XML staright into the Document object?

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