[thelist] Shopping Cart and Moneris

lmp aruba at cybersync.com
Wed Dec 7 20:15:22 CST 2005

Shopping Cart Wizards,

We currently offer Mcart 2005 (http://www.mcart.com/) 
<http://www.mcart.com/%29> as our e-commerce solution. However, a new 
client wants to use Moneris for credit card processing and Mcart does 
not offer this.
So, has anyone worked with Moneris and if so what shopping cart would 
you recommend. Here is a link to Moneris and the carts they recommend 
https://www3.moneris.com/connect/en/process/carts/index.html. Any 
feedback on Moneris and/or the shopping carts would be helpful.

Thanks very much,

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