[thelist] Interesting maybe IIS/ASP maybe authentication error

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at THERMON.com
Thu Dec 8 08:00:17 CST 2005

Good morning gurus and gurettes!

Ice on the ground in central Texas, who'd a thunk it before Christmas? The
temperature outdoors is not going to go above freezing today, so I have
elected to stay indoors and perform warm and fuzzy web stuff.

Here is the situation; on our intranet we have articles and documents that
are controlled by a very basic CMS. For one user, on his computer, in his
office, he cannot access any .asp pages past the front page where a query
string is involved in the URL. He gets a 500 Internal Server Error (page
cannot be displayed, the logs do not offer much more either) when he clicks
on this like this link;


If he clicks on a link that opens a Word doc or something similar there is
no problem, it opens right up. 

So he logs off and I log on with my uname, pw and the pages display
properly. He logs using another computer and the pages display properly.
Aha! Perhaps his user profile on his machine is jacked up somehow (the
intranet authenticates against NT logon info, and even though he can get to
most of it that is the only thing that I could come up with at the time).
Backups are done, profile is eliminated and then re-established. No joy,
same problem. The problem seems to be isolated to his machine with him
logged on on this particular site. A very odd thing indeed.

I have Googled for this problem, but really haven't found anything yet. It
is probably because describing the problem properly in a few words is hard
to do. 

Any insight would be tremendously appreciated.


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