[thelist] Validation Problems

Magnus Jönsson Magnus.Joensson at jensofsweden.com
Thu Dec 8 08:53:58 CST 2005

> Fix: set the border in the external stylesheet.

I only use external style sheets, but this style tag is something generated automatically by ASP.NET and I'm not sure I can stop ASP.NET (2.0) from creating the style attribute (I don't really need it so I'll be glad to get rid of it), I'll have too look in to it, perhaps anyone knows if that is possible?

> A validator bug maybe?

I think it's a ASP.NET (2.0) / Vaildator bug, I don't know if it's possible, but perhaps ASP.NET doesn't recognizes the validator as a browser and therefore doesn't output the correct attributes for XHTML Transitional as it's suppose to do according to how it's configured.


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