[thelist] 301 Redirects OK with Firefox, not OK in IE

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Thu Dec 8 13:30:47 CST 2005

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I recently ran into a few articles [1 -5] discussing 301 redirects, and
the positive effect they can have as far as how www and non-www URLs get
treated by Search Engine spiders, etc.

There is a difference? Are you talking about what this guy is saying?:

So, I tried my site out, and sure enough the URL
"charlestonwebsolutions.com" goes to my Web site, but the URL remains

Nothing wrong with that, it's correct behavior afaik....

Next, I tried to use an .htaccess file to redirect
"charlestonwebsolutions.com" to "www.charlestonwebsolutions.com"
I added the following to a text file.
Redirect permanent / http://www.charlestonwebsolutions.com

ummm, you are re-directing to a symbolic link, creating a loop it would

Server structure:
  +-- etc
  +--  mail
  +--  public_ftp
  +--  public_html
  +--  tmp
  +--  www

I uploaded my .htaccess to "/" and my site is in the "www" folder.

There's your problem, your site files may "look" like they are in 'www'
when you are using your FTP software, but they are actually being served
up out of public_html. The 'www' is just a symbolic or symlink in
Apache. Apache is already handling internally what the threadwatch.org
post is having a problem with, your server is set up correct afaik and
you don't have to worry about it.

Anybody know what is happening, and/or how to correct it?  Do any of you
use cPanel for Redirects and 404 page set up?

[5] http://www.threadwatch.org/node/2817

Forget about this article, it doesn't apply to you methinks...

For a 404 I use htaccess to send the visitor to a php page that emails
me the page they were looking for, and a bit of other information:

errordocument 404 /visitortypo.php



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