[thelist] 301 Redirects OK with Firefox, not OK in IE

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Thu Dec 8 14:33:39 CST 2005

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> Thanks Mark.  So it appears that everything is in order, and I don't
> to worry about the shenanigans and monkey business mentioned in link
> at threadwatch?  It is still odd that Firfox understood it, while IE
> choked on the .htaccess file, ins't it?

That could be something to do with your local hosts file maybe?

> If I were to upload a .htaccess file (say, for a custom 404 page),
would I
> need to drop it into "www" or "/" or "public_html"?  I'd drop it into
> "/" (root) directory, right?

Put the line below in your htaccess file, which goes inside the
public_html directory:

errordocument 404 /visitortypo.html

then visitortypo.html (or .php or whatever) is what your visitors will

Good chance you have an htaccess file in public_html already, add the
line to that file so you won't mess anything up that's already there if
there is.



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