[thelist] basic flash tutorial (for photo "slideshow")

David Eleuterius lists at ardentnewmedia.com
Thu Dec 8 16:34:42 CST 2005

Sarah Adams wrote:
> I've been asked to create a very simple flash animation for a client. 
> Basically it's just going to display a bunch of photos, which should 
> fade in and out to create sort of a slideshow effect, completely 
> automated, no buttons or anything.
> Problem is, I know very little about Flash - I can figure my way around 
> in it, and make small changes to existing flash files, but I don't 
> really know where to start.


You might have a look at Slide Show Pro, a very affordable component for 
Flash that will do exactly what you want.


This could be a good backup for you in case trying to learn it on your 
own gets overwhelming.

If you're wanting to do it completely yourself, create a layer for each 
photo. Then convert each photo to a movie clip (F8). For each layer, set 
a start point and an end point on your timeline. Assign a "motion" tween 
to these frames. At the start set the alpha on the image at 0. At the 
end set it to 100%. Make sure the next image in line is a layer above 
the previous image and repeat. You'll want to stretch out the final end 
point (100%) so that it stays on screen as long as you want. Stagger out 
the start and endings of each so that they overlap each other.

I hope this is enough to get you on the right track.

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